Monday, November 12, 2007

The Hand Strikes!

CJ's fin. No mas surfing for Mr. Nelson for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Can I please have my fins back kind sir? We're sorry.

With the kindest regards,
CJ & friends

Anonymous said...

Classic! This is karma vigilantism at it's finest.

J.P. said...

That is a classic prank.

nitsuj said...

Quite possibly the greatest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the kind of thing that some people need to get it thru their heads. Treat people with respect!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! really nice work, you are an inspiration

jasmin said...

I've played my share of cards whilst chillin in Baja, and I must say this was the most impressive "hand" dealt that I have seen! Great job gents!

Anonymous said...

Although i was not on hand so what do i know- why be so respectful- a "pro logger" is about one-half notch above a pro skimboarder in my book - thus an arshole is an arsehole

simply stated, why praise his "abilities"-rather knock a few teeth out or take a hatchet to his dork boards -

sure stealing fins is cute - it was clever, it was a quick fix - but a destroyed quiver or 4 months of eating though a staw would have likely been a more efficient message


still pretty funny though - :)

remind me again - or inform me for the 1st time - who was this CJ (honest pregunta)

Philip Morris said...

Our boy CJ is gonna have a hard time bouncing back from this one. Nos vemos!

Anonymous said...

cream surfboards suck and Roby is a bipolar kook that can't ride a shortboard! Longboard faggots

Anonymous said...

Don't blame all longboarders for the actions of one Hollywood glory boy and his posse.

Most of us are decent, down to earth regular folks who know what respect means both in and out of the water.

I applaud your actions, it showed restraint in not doing anyone costly damage or bodily injury, yet got your point accross in a most effective way.

Now you should get busy with building your proposed monument with those fins.....

Anonymous said...

name: "C.J.Nelson"
aka: "Dog"
age: "28"
home: "Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz, California - USA
local break: "Pleasure Point"
favorite break: "The Studio, Monterey Bay"
stance: "Either way - switch stance"
latest board: "12'0" section connector much fun!"
vintage board: "1965 Rick - 10'0"
first board: "1979 - 6'2"
started surfing: "1979"
competitive highlights: "1st at 2004 Hobie Classic, 2nd at 2004 Log-Jam, 1st at 2003 Malibu Boardriders, 1st at 2000 Surf-O-Rama"
work: "Profesional Surfer"
school: "Yeh...I tried that"

beef said...

That has to be an all time prank. Good clean fun. They won't learn their lesson though, once an a-hole always an a-hole.

Anonymous said...

I am late to the table here but this whole thing is awesome. a good amount is BS, but there is enough here to verify what I have know for a long time: MARK "CJ" NELSON is a self absorbed ass whipe, who BTW is definitely 30 years or older. This won't hurt his "career" because he never had one. Longboarders don't make money, just like to feel important by having stickers on their boards and the occasional shot in that crap sack of a magazine: Longboard. Luckily, Mark's father, who is a great guy from what I have heard, supports him with a roof and enough cash to pursue his dreams of being a beach bum. .... This whole incident should really be a warning to other assholes like Tyler Warren. I surf San O' and Church a lot and have seen enough to CJ's antics there to make me puke, but there is another kid that will likely have a similar blogg written about him. He surfs for Hobie surfboards and is a two faced ferret. Smiley and shy on land, over amped pissy face in the water. Hooting and hollering people off "his" wave.....which he gets plenty of...then yells...he kinda small to be acting like that......Anyhow, thanks for the laughs while I counted down Thanksgiving dinner.

Anonymous said...

they left without paying their campground tab(probably over 500 U.S.) and on the way out blew by two surfers whose car had broken down in full view, with hood up, and surfboards on top.Source sez that next car by, stopped with offers of mexico etiquett whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

I've been to Scorps 14 years in a row; how was the surf?

Anonymous said...

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